Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Ha Full Disk 3rd May

Playing with a new setup i've been messing around with; i'm frustrated with my Ha full disks of late, my DS PST just sits off to one side of being on band, and if I tune to get on band there are gradients, similar with the DS40 setup, and, the off band or gradient bugs the heck out of me. So, the only thing to do was make a new setup... I took some images on sunday, but weren't 100% happy, so, since then have been modding, so now my 70/420 scope is running at 56/420 and, the double stacked Quark seems a lot happier contrast wise. Switching to the PGR Ch3 with 2x2 binning gives me nice large 6.9um pixels, and rather quick exposure times.

This morning was hazy but was good enough to warrant getting the scope out before work for 15 minutes, so I did a quick full disk mosaic. I could do this in 9 panes, but chose 15 in the end to get some better overlap. Seeing and transparency was variable throughout, you can tell by the 'glow' of the sky, but, on the whole i'm pleased with the result. I want to explore a bit more fine tuning of the etalon, but this isn't bad for first proper go of the system...