Sunday, 14 May 2017

Ha Full Disk - 14th May

Today was one of those days where it dawned beautifully sunny and clear, and with a weather front passing through overnight the air was very transparent indeed.  I first noticed Venus in the daytime sky (with sun up) at around 7am, and was able to follow it through the sky with the naked eye for over 2 hours.  Sadly though despite a calm start the atmosphere was in a state of instability, and I knew that today was going to turn cloudy in an instant.  I got this full disk mosaic with the 56mm scope and double stacked Daystar Quark, using the PGR Chameleon 3 with 2x2 binning.  I'm quite pleased with the result, the tuning maybe could have been a bit better, and fast frame rate couldn't tame the variable seeing as passing clouds went by.  A nice big image though so be sure to double click to view full size.