Thursday, 3 March 2011

Active Region 11164

AR11164 (large), originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

Yesterday afternoon cleared up nicely under the high pressure we have over the UK at the moment, and despite the realtively featureless disk in Hydrogen Alpha light, in white light the obvious feature was active region 11164. This is a large and complex spot group that has been crackling with minor activity. The sun was only several degrees above the horizon when this shot was taken, and as a result of atmospheric dimming the exposure was 3 times longer than i've used previously. The shot was taken with my 70mm f6 refractor with the Lunt Solar Wedge and continuum filter. A 2x barlow was used on the nosepeice of the DMK camera resulting in an efl of ~820mm. Given the low altitude of the sun i'm pleased with the image as it shows solar granulation quite well aswell as the brighter plage areas. Finergs crossed for morfe clear skies today!