Wednesday 30 March 2011

TiO Near Full Disk - The Filter That Tames Seeing!

TiO Full Disk lrg, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

Living here in the West Midlands our skies are criss-crossed by the flight paths of planes. All trans-Atlantic flights to and from London Heathrow all pass overhead in a NS / SN direction, and Birmingham International Airport is not too many miles to the east of me, so that part of the sky is riddled with planes there. This has the effect of destroying the 'seeing' conditions making solar imaging boil away.

I have tried a Baader Solar Continuum filter, and on days of good and better seeing this is an excellent object optically. However more times than most the seeing just blurs the sun, even with this narrowband filter.

Here the 706nm 'TiO' filter really comes into its own. Longer wavelength light is much less affected my the turbulent skies of bad seeing and this is really evidenced in this series of pictures.

On the laptop screen the spots, faculae and granulation really locked on instantly, and didn't bounce around as with the shorter wavelengths. The detail was immense!

This near full disk shot was taken with the 70mm frac @ f6 and DMK31 camera.

Oh, this filter and it's holder including shipping was less than £20 - a true bargain!