Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Full Disk Ha Mosaic 13th March

Full Disk Mosaic DMK31, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

One more picture to add to sundays series... Forgot I had taken these 2 images with the DMK31 and DS40 @f10.5. It's come together reasonably well though I need to practice more with the joins on these mosaics. Todays sun (16th) shows a pretty blank solar disk compared to this one, and looking at NASAs STEREO website it looks set to remain fairly inactive until later in the coming weekend. Fortunately though the weather forecast at this stage looks good for the weekend, so, fingers crossed, I should be able to get some more imaging and viewing in then! If i'm lucky my TiO (titanium oxide) filter should have arrived and i'll get the opportunity to try it out...