Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ha Sun 02/03/11

A quick full disk shot after I got home from work yesterday. Little in the way of proms and the main feature on the disk was AR11146. This shot was taken with the DS40 @ f10.5 with the PL130M camera. Whisst this camera has a larger chip size allowing the full disk to be framed in one shot it seems to lack the detail, contrast and dynamic range of the more expensive but smaller chipped DMK31 - shame really! Ideally I would use (and want to save up for!) a DMK41... The line across the full disk is a result of me shoting through the overhead wires - one of them was in shot. Still, nice with the longer days to be able to image the sun more - not long till British Summer Time starts which will extend my solar viewing window in the evenings after work still further :)