Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ha Animation 15th April

It wasn't until late in the afternoon when the seeing conditions and passing fluffy clouds both died down enough for me to have a go at an animation of some of the regions that had been flaring away all day.  There was passing high clouds and haze which have affected the overall transparency of this animation, but on the whole this shows well just how turbulent this part of the sun was.  I'm averaging about 3 frames a minute in this animation that covers 10 minutes in the life of our star, this is much better temporally than the 3 frames every 2 minutes I have done, but think on my next animation may drop the cadence still further to 4 frames a minute - some of this plasma is flowing around very quickly!  This was taken with the 100mm PST mod at 2000mm focal length with the DMk31 camera.