Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sundays Hydrogen Alpha Sun 13th April

This is my favourite shot out of todays imaging session,  AR 12035 is a magnetically churned region of plasma, and being so close to the limb, the oblique angle it is viewed from gives a real impression of depth.  The proms on the limb were fairly featureless but add to the perspective of the image never the less.  The full disk image is a 6 pane mosaic taken with the DS40 at f20 with the DMK31 camera.

The housing on my PST mod was somewhat slack today, which resulted in not being able to get the image as on band as I would like.  It also had the effect of putting some annoying banding in the image too.  I will be doing a disassemble and reassemble with this before the next imaging run to attempt to sort this out...