Friday, 8 August 2014

CaK Plasma Fountain Animation 7th August

When I observed the sun early on thursday morning, I could see it was crackling away in CaK wavelengths, so I decided to use the Hutech Solar Guider and autorun function in firecapture and go for an animation.  I only managed 10 minutes worth before as usual in rolled the clouds, but when I looked back at the data was pleasantly surprised to the big sunspot associated with AR12132 showing a plasma eruption coming from the edge of a circular zone that surrounds the umbra of the spot.  The event was very transient and only lasted a couple of minutes and looking on the GOES Xray flux it barely registered as a C1 flare event, still was fun to see none the less.  Taken with the 40mm scope at 925mm focal length with the DMK31 camera.