Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Surging Jet Prominence Animation 3rd August

Active region AR12121 continued to throw out plasma as it passed over the limb on the 3rd of august as this animation shows.  The animation spans only 11 frames, before clouds came in again, but in real time on our star represents about 2 minutes.  This means that the plasma that is moving out is travelling at quite a velocity; given the resolution of the system used here yields about 400km per pixel, and that in roughly 12 seconds real time the plasma moved about 6 pixels, this means it has travelled a distance of about 2400km in 12 seconds, or if you prefer it is traveling with a velocity of some 200km per second!  That's pretty fast indeed if you consider the International Space Station orbits our planet at just over 7km a second but really is considerably sub-luminal when we think that light is travelling at nearly 300,000km per second!