Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hutech Solar Guider Test 3rd August

I finally got some time this morning to really test out my Hutech Solar Guider; I have had this since the International Astronomy Show earlier in the year, and while it has shown it's merit as an outreach tool, keeping the sun centred in the eyepiece for hours at a time, i've never, until now, been able to capitalize on this from an imaging point of view.  To really make use of it I downloaded the 'Firecapture' software, and once installed made use of the 'autorun' feature.  This enables you to make a set number of consecutive exposure of how ever many frames length with however many seconds you want in between avis.  I tried this animation, 25 separate avis with 5 seconds separating them, each avi 300 frames long, of which i stacked the best 65 frames.  This equates to about 5 minutes real time in the life of our star.  

While not being particularly busy, there were plenty of subtle changes taking place on the surface of our star that are normally difficult to see change without timelapse like this.  I can see this is going to be very effective and hope to get some more use out of it in the future.  The image was taken with the DS40 at 700mm focal length with the DMK31 camera.