Tuesday, 13 May 2014

CaK Full Disk - May 13th

Tuesday was a day dominated by slow moving, torrential showers.  However after I had returned from work late in the evening I was surprised to see the clouds broke and blue skies shone through.  Normally it would be too late for me to image, but I have borrowed a small alt-az goto mount that I thought I would have a go with, while it's not quite the same as working with the big EQ6 mount on a pier I usually use, it does fit into much smaller spaces and is portable.  What really struck me today was how bright the proms were on the eastern limb, and the small bright flame like plasma eruption near the north eastern limb - maybe an emerging flux region?  Either way I was really happy to get this shot in.  I hope to capitalise on the smaller mount tomorrow morning - weather permitting, and try some imaging from the back yard before work.  This shot was taken with the 40mm at 700mm focal length with the DMK31 camera and the homebrew CaK filter.