Monday, 26 May 2014

South Western Quadrant - 26th May

The suns southern jet stream is currently the driving  force in producing active regions at the moment, and this weekend was no different with them being stretched from limb to limb.  The south western limb was by far the most  interesting though, with a collection of small and intricate proms - one of them detatched and hovering above the solar limb held aloft by only magnetic fields.  In addition there was a cluster of active regions including AR12072 very nearly on the limb putting on an interesting view with their oblique perspective - imaging in white light would have likely revealed the wilson effect.  Throw in filaments and filaproms for good measure and there was plenty to see in this corner of sun.  This image was taken with the 100mm PST mod at 2000mm focal length with the DMK31 camera.