Sunday, 18 May 2014

White Lights Saturday 18th May

I don't take white light shots very often, a 100mm scope only shows granulation as jelly beans whereas i'm greedy and want my granulation as polygons!  Still, a couple of nice shots here, the first shows a lovely family of spots and plage slowly departing over the western limb.  The close up shows something subtly different; a light bridge over the umbra carries on over the penumbra and over the surrounding the granulation, where it appears dark almost like a filament over the (relatively) lighter solar surface.  The top shot was taken with the 100mm scope at 1750mm focal length, whereas the second is a stack of the 1.75x and 1.4x barlows.  The Lunt solar wedge was used, with Baader continuum filter and DMK31 camera.